Monday, 16 March 2015

Second pair of Hudson pants

I wanted to make an easy piece to make it possible to participate in selfish sewing week. (Normally I don’t finish a piece of clothing in a week.) But I thought I should be fine with something I already made once ( and started last week). And what is more selfish than sweatpants that I only wear inside the house. I made my first pair of Hudson pants early November and I loved them. They were far from perfect but I have worn them a lot.

When I made the alterations on my first pair I also adapted the pattern. I made the waist 6 cm smaller and made the legs 5 cm longer. So in general I made them smaller and longer and I also tightened the elastic a bit more. I also started on a pair for my sister (not selfish I know) and made hers 10 cm longer. I have the feeling that the inseam on the pattern is really short. We are both 1,70m so not that tall. The Hudson pants are the first pants I have made so I have no idea if this is normal. Length is not that much of an issue when I make a dress or skirt.

This time I made them in black but the same rather thick fabric. That fabric is incredibly soft on the inside. I bought the fabric last time I went to the stoffenspectakel for 12€. I love that I can make pants for as little as 12€ of course it will be more if you need to buy thread and elastic, but I got mine for free from my grandmother.  I used a piece of robe that I found in my grandmothers stash instead of making the ribbon myself like I did last time. The black fabric would have been way too thick anyway.

I’m so happy with the result, the extra length makes the fit in general so much better.