Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The hope cardigan

The first thing I realized during me-made may is that I don't have enough handmade separates. I have made a lot of dresses over the years but not so many tops. And almost no bottoms at all. So basics are much needed. I didn't really know what to make. I wear a lot of long sleeved blouses at the moment but I don't really needed more of them. Trousers would have been an option, if I had more time. I hope I have more time to work on that during my summer break. So what it make? I'm participating again in Allie's social sew I like the concept a lot, an inspiring theme but not to constricting. This month it is me made basics in honour of Me made may.

So I made the hope cardigan from La Maison Victor. A nice easy to make bat-sleeved cardigan. The fabric came form my stash I bought it at a local fabric store. It is a white, navy knit with a bright blue glittering thread running trough. You can see it on the last photo. The navy blue border knit comes from my grandmothers drawer of border knits. I matches the dark blue from the main fabric perfect.

The cardigan was a fast make. I did everything according to the directions except that I turned the collar piece inside-out. And I had the collar run through to the bottom edge instead of cutting it of with the bottom edge of knit ribbing.  

It ended up being a great make for me made may. I have worn the cardigan already a few times. The nice things about this cardigan are the bat-wing sleeves, it means that you can wear them over anything. 

Main fabric:         30€ - Den Boom 
navy ribbing:       free (grandmothers stash)

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