Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The best things twice

When I made my fist pair of Milly culottes I was unsure that I would ever wear them. Usually I'm never interested in trendy patterns, I prefer classic styles. When I made them the first time the idea was that if I never ended up wearing them I at least tried to make trousers for the first time. 

Little did I know that I would wear them to dead. I have worn them almost every week during the summer. They are so comfortable and the go with nearly everything. Like an A-line skirt without the impracticality of an actual skirt. The fabric of the first pair started to pill in the back and they where always a bit to large. So it was time for a new and improved pair!

The best improvement that I made was to chose nicer fabric. This is a nice black fabric from the fabric sales. I'm not sure what it is made of but it doesn't wrinkle at all. And it is black so these will go with even more of my clothes. I chose not to use elastic in the back like I did last time and I made them even smaller in the waist. 

The details:
Pattern: Milly Culottes La Maison Victor Jan/Feb 2016
Fabric: €24 The Fabric Sales
zip: €2.65


  1. Culottes are the greatest, aren't they? I reasoned exactly like you, and was sure that I wouldn't like culottes, but I was wrong! I made a pair last summer, and I love them. Yay for us :)

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