Sunday, 30 October 2016

First time vintage: Butternick 9599

This months theme for the social sew is try something new. To be honest I didn't know what to make with this theme. So I waited for the inspiration post... and I still didn't know what to make. I'm not that interested in making jeans. I have tried a lot of tricky fabrics already, I just love all things silk. And faux fur is just not my style. 

I was already thinking of skipping this months social sew but then I remembered the half finished vintage dress that I started in June for the social sew but never finished. I bought Butternick 9599 for my first ever vintage dress! I think the pattern is from the early '60s. I chose the pattern because I liked the neckline so much. I also like the sleeves they have 3 little darts in them. I thought the dress looked vintage but still modern enough to be wearable. 

Because I had never made a vintage dress I choose to make a muslin of the top. I didn't make a lot of adjustments. I only lowered the darts a bit and shortened the skirt 20 cm. To be honest this dress took a lot longer to make than I anticipated. And needed so much fabric as in 2.5 m, making this one of my most expensive dresses. 

The fabric is a cotton blend with a bit elasthan. It has a tiny pattern in it that I love. The fabric is similar as the one that I used for my strapless dress.  It looks so wrinkled in these pictures, I did iron the dress before I took these. I can't iron the dress on a high setting because the fabric discolours. Lucky for me I did test this before I started pressing. 

I like the dress a lot but to be honest I'm not sure how often I will wear this. I still like the high neckline and the zigzag button front. Maybe I need to try and style this a different way? 

The details:
Pattern: Butternick 9599 
Fabric: Den Boom €45
zip: €3.65
buttons: free (grandmothers stash)


  1. its really lovely I love that front, really beautifully made - I think the fabric will settle in time (i know I never iron linen and after wearing it a while it acquires a softer rumple rather than creasing).

    1. Thank you! I hope it will get better after washing it a few times.

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