Monday, 2 February 2015

From party dress to sweatpants

I finally got good enough pictures to upload this post. I made these pants in November and I took pictures back then but they were blurry and the colours where off. And I never had the time or good enough weather to make new ones.

I made the Hudson pant form true bias. I bought the perfect pattern parcel 6 because I really wanted to make the Hudson pants, and I liked the other patterns as well. I could use some more sweat pants to wear over my leotards when I go to ballet. As I said, I made these last year when it was getting colder in November. And as expected I wore them a lot, at least a few times a week. I’m wearing them at the moment when I’m writing this, and I should be writing my thesis. They are my go to lounge pants so soft and warm.

The fabric is a ponte roma knit from the ‘stoffen spectakel’. A lot of vendors offered ponte roma or other sweatshirt fabric for €10 a meter. Eventually I bought a coupon for €10 and the fabric was a little over 1,5m!!! The pink contrast fabric is leftover from my Christmas party dress.
I made a size 12, based on my hip measurements. The pants fit well on the legs and hips but were too big at the waist. I took out 3cm in the front seam and 3cm in the back and shortened the waistband. I used the pink jersey on the pocket detail, the pocket facing and the string. The pink fabric is a lot thinner and is a nice contrast. The grey fabric is rather thick and I didn’t want the extra bulk on the waist.

Next time I make them I’m going lengthen the legs a few cm and tighten the elastic at the waist a bit more. These pants are barely long enough, a bit too short for my liking. It’s fine because I hardly ever wear them outdoors but next time I will change that. Next time I’m going to use fabric that is a bit stretchier and has better recovery. The ankle band doesn’t stretch a lot so that makes it a bit difficult to get my heel through the opening. Or some ribbing at the ankle and waist, my mom has some dark purple ribbing leftover that would be perfect. But I’m definitely going to make some more.

These pants don’t count for the 12 pieces that I’m planning to make this year but I already started on a Julia cardigan and a Mimi blouse.  


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    1. Thank you! My first ever comment, yeah! I’m doing a little dance!

  2. Cute, they look super comfy! I've heard that other people have found the Hudson pants to be a bit short as well.

    1. Thank you! I should have measured my legs and checked the inseam. :)