Friday, 20 February 2015

Julia cardigan and fabric shopping

When I saw this fabric I knew immediately that I was going to use it to make the Julia cardigan by mouse house. The cardigan has a drapy front without any buttons or zipper. And that model really shows the colour on the inside of the fabric because of the drape.

It’s also the first time I made an entire garment using only my overlocker. And I love it! It goes so fast, I made the cardigan in a little over an hour, not including the time spent on cutting. I used grey thread on the majority of the seams, because I only had white and grey. I didn’t know how I wanted to finish the edge on the collar. I didn’t want to double the fabric because that you would not be able to see the turquoise inside. The instructions suggest a rolled hem but it looked too bulky. So I left it for over a week and then my grandmother gave us a box with four spools of thread in different colours. And eventually I decided to finish the collar with black thread. I segerd the edge with a very small stitch and it looks very neat if I say so myself. I’m still not sure about the fit, lt looks nice form the front but I’m not sure about the back. I don’t even know what is wrong with it.

The pictures are too bright again, sorry. It was difficult to photograph a black garment and I should make more of an effort.

Last Sunday I went fabric shopping at ‘stoffenspectakel’ in Leuven with my mom and sister. And I bought a lot! I had hardly any fabric left in my stash and can’t wait to start working with them. I definitely got better at sewing because my sister asked me to make her black Hudson pants and a sweater. She never wanted to wear handmade clothes and now she asked if I could make her something.


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