Monday, 25 May 2015

Venue top

My June dress from la maison victor was a large success! And because the fit was so great I could not wait to make something else from their designs. I wear a lot of blouses in spring so I immediately thought of the venue top.

The fabric is a coupon from the stoffen spectakel, no surprise there. I have no idea what the fabric is made of, I’m guessing that it is a polyester blend of some kind. Maybe polyester and viscose blend? The fabric looks shiny but is surprisingly soft and comfortable to wear. But it was a nightmare to sew with, it is slippery and frays like crazy. The blouse has been finished for a few weeks and I still find little threads everywhere.

I had enough fabric to start with, a little over 1.5 meter but then I made a mistake. I tried to match the pattern as well as I could. But when I cut the sleeves I made a mistake and I cut the sleeves upside down. (Great tip, don’t cut fabric when you are about to fall asleep) I didn’t have enough fabric left over to cut the sleeves a second time the way they designed it. So I shorted the sleeves and left out the slit. Instead I made it look like I rolled up the sleeves. I think it is a nice alternative of the original design and I needed less fabric!

I like the pattern a lot, the fit is not as perfect as with my June dress but still good. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that the blouse is a bit narrow at the shoulders. I will try to make them a bit wider next time I use this pattern. Not sure how you do that but I will find out because I really like the pattern.

Because I like their patterns that much I got myself a subscription, they had an amazing discount for the occasion of fashion revolution day. So you will see a lot more of their designs on the blog in the future. 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Me Made May 2015: The first half

You can see the pictures that I took for the purpose of documenting me made may on the blog. They are all crappy mirror selfies because it could not be bothered to make good ones. Also this month is probably not the best month to try to figure out how well suiting my handmade wardrobe is for my lifestyle. I only have classes once or twice a week in May and I spend most of the other days at home working on my final design project. And I don’t always bother to get dressed if I don’t have to leave the house. But I tried to make an effort to choose my handmade over the others and this was the result.

Hudson pants
plantain tee
ava top
lane raglan sweater
Hudson pants
concert tee
venue top (on the blog next week)
lane raglan sweater
plantain tee
I found a pair of pyjamas that I made when I was about 16, the finish is not great they are one of the first things I made. But I love the border on the top and one extra outfit for me made may.
wrinkled pyjamas

I still have noticed somethings about my handmade wardrobe.
  •         I don’t have any handmade skirts anymore and I miss them, I made some years ago but threw them away because they don’t fit my style anymore.
  •          I love my Hudson pants but I need a pair in a thinner fabric, mine are a bit warm.
  •       If I do have class I’m used to wear trousers and a blouse when the weather is not that nice. At the moment I only have one suitable blouse, the venue top that I finished recently (and will be on the blog next week).
  •        Most of my dresses are sleeveless and the weather has not always been nice enough to wear them. I should make some with sleeves, maybe in a knit fabric?

Saturday, 9 May 2015

navy plantain T-shirt

I’m trying to make more clothes that I can wear on a daily basis. Of course I started with a T-shirt.
It’s my second plantain T-shirt, the last one was a light blue long sleeved version. There is not that much to say about this version. The fabric is a lot thinner than the one I used in my previous make. I think this one is a lot nicer, the T-shirt is wider at the bottom and the thinner fabric suits that better.

Also with the last one I had a problems with my threat breaking when I used the twin needle to hem the sleeves and the bottom. The threat broke once when I was hemming this T-shirt and I have no idea why. If someone has an idea why this happens please let me know. It is so annoying when that happens if you are nearly finished.

And I love the tulips in the garden to bad I’m not working on anything pink at the moment that would make the perfect back round.