Monday, 19 October 2015

Dusty top in a glittering fabric

So this is the Dusty top from the September - October issue of La Maison Victor magazine. That makes it fall appropriate not? The issue is great, one of the best so far in my opinion, lots of nice patterns that I would love to make, three lovely dresses, a nice top, a fun jacket and a coat. I want to make them all but I don't have the time. I was scrolling through my blog a few weeks ago and I noticed that I hardly ever make winter clothes and if I do they are party dresses... So I went shopping for nice winter fabrics, I went with my mom and my grandmother. It was a super nice trip and I bought some really lovely pieces with the intent of making this top and some dresses.

This top can be made in jersey and woven fabrics. The example that they made is made out of a jersey with some glitter in it. I liked it a lot! So when I saw this beige / gray thin sweater fabric with gold glitter thread running through I immediately knew I was going to use is for this blouse. The fabric would be rather thin for a sweater but it is actually rather tick for this blouse. 
you can't really see the glitter

The pleats on the shoulder would be nicer if the fabric was a thinner and more flowy fabric. Now it is rather thick. The pattern has facings to finish the neckline and armholes. There is one piece for the front and one for the back. But because my fabric was a bit to thick it added to much bulk. I altered this by cutting the facing in three pieces. One for the neckline and two for the armholes. I sewed the facing flat by hand. 

So the result, it's nice, definitely wearable but next time I will make some alterations. First of all I will use a different fabric, thinner and probably a woven. The neckline is to low. And the top is on the large side. so if I'm going to make it in a thinner fabric I will have to size down. The other patterns that I have made from La Maison Victor always fitted in a size 36, my size according to my measurements. but these last two are to big. 

Monday, 5 October 2015

sleeveless Alice shirt

Okay the last thing I made during summer it is the Alice pattern from the July- August La Maison Victor magazine. I made this early in September, a bit to late. To cold to wear it.

The fabric is a mystery fabric, no idea what it is made of, I'm guessing it is some kind of polyester blend. Anyway I love the print but I hate the fabric, it is soft but it wrinkles so fast! Half and hour of wear and it is a wrinkled mess. I chose to make size 36 based on my measurements. But I think it would be better in a size smaller, it is a bit big under the arms.

I do love the buttons, they are from my grandmothers collection, and they go perfectly with the colours of the print. It is the first collared shirt that I have made and it went surprisingly well. Normally the explanation in the magazine is relatively basic. But the collar went fine. the instructions where split up in small portions and a bit more thorough with clear diagrams. So that was great!

Next project is also a sleeveless blouse but it is form the September - October issue so that makes it fall appropriate!