Monday, 18 January 2016

Harlequin dress

Okay today I have got for you the easiest dress that I have ever made. It all started with too little fabric... sounds familiar doesn't it. I bought a coupon of a meter of a very nice wool blend, in dark purple and navy, my two favourite colours. I again had the intention to make a skirt, again. But my grandmother told me that the fabric was woven to loosely to be suitable for a skirt. 

So I used the Harlequin pattern from La Maison Victor, the only dress that you can make with just one meter of fabric. It is the ideal dress pattern for beginners. You have to stitch the sides, the shoulders , add facing to the neckline and sleeves and hem it. They also have an explanation of how to attach bais binding, you have the option depending on your fabric choice. I finished it in a few hours, so it was brilliant. 
To be honest I didn't tink I was going to wear this dress at all, let alone blog about it. It just looks so shapeless on the hanger. But I have worn it a lot, whenever I don't know what to wear I just pick this dress. And that is always a pleasant surpriseThe colours go well with nearly all of my clothes and it looks and fits so easy and relaxed. I love the  kimono sleeves, it makes the silhouette a bit more interesting.