Monday, 16 March 2015

Second pair of Hudson pants

I wanted to make an easy piece to make it possible to participate in selfish sewing week. (Normally I don’t finish a piece of clothing in a week.) But I thought I should be fine with something I already made once ( and started last week). And what is more selfish than sweatpants that I only wear inside the house. I made my first pair of Hudson pants early November and I loved them. They were far from perfect but I have worn them a lot.

When I made the alterations on my first pair I also adapted the pattern. I made the waist 6 cm smaller and made the legs 5 cm longer. So in general I made them smaller and longer and I also tightened the elastic a bit more. I also started on a pair for my sister (not selfish I know) and made hers 10 cm longer. I have the feeling that the inseam on the pattern is really short. We are both 1,70m so not that tall. The Hudson pants are the first pants I have made so I have no idea if this is normal. Length is not that much of an issue when I make a dress or skirt.

This time I made them in black but the same rather thick fabric. That fabric is incredibly soft on the inside. I bought the fabric last time I went to the stoffenspectakel for 12€. I love that I can make pants for as little as 12€ of course it will be more if you need to buy thread and elastic, but I got mine for free from my grandmother.  I used a piece of robe that I found in my grandmothers stash instead of making the ribbon myself like I did last time. The black fabric would have been way too thick anyway.

I’m so happy with the result, the extra length makes the fit in general so much better. 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Mimi blouse in African fabric

Al lot of you are probably familiar with the Mimi blouse, it is one of the patterns in the love at first stitch book. It’s the first pattern I have tried from the book and I love it. According to my measurements I should have made size 4. But the book also has the measurements of the finished garment and based on that I decided to make size 3 instead of size 4. I like my blouses to be more fitted. I would even consider making a size 2 next time.

The fabric I used is a cotton print that I bought when I was in Tanzania for a school project. I love the print of the fabric. The fabric was rather stiff when I bought it but the local students told me that it was because they add starch to the fabric. They told me it would come out when I washed it. But I still think the fabric is rather stiff for the pattern. I hope the fabric will get softer if I wash it more.

The instructions in the book where easy to follow with plenty pictures and detailed instructions. The only thing I struggled with were pleads in the sleeves. It took me ages to figure out how to fold them.  

This is one of the more complicated patterns I have made lately. It has a collar and pleated sleeves. I loved making something that I required a bit more concentration than my latest projects. I made this blouse in small steps, drew the pattern one evening, cut the fabric another and sewed the bodice one evening, the sleeves another time. I did that because I thought it would help me be more concentrated. It worked until I wanted to overclock the facing and accidentally cut of the tip of the collar. Please tell me I’m not the only one that has done that, I feel so stupid.

I made a new collar and I think the finish is great. I finished the hem and the sleeves by hand with an invisible stitch. I noticed that my sewing machine can automatically attach buttons.  So now I have got perfect buttonholes and it took me 5 minutes to attach all the buttons. I love it.

What is your favourite pattern form the book? Which one should I try next?