Monday, 13 June 2016

Me-Made-May the roundup

I know we are halfway in to June (I have no time because of exams) but here s my roundup of Me-Made-May. Me-Made-May was even more difficult this year. I was expecting it to go easier this year because I have more handmade clothes. I still wear most of the clothes that I made a few years ago, so it adds up. What I didn't count on this year is that I started working. And I have nothing to wear to work. The dress code at the office is pretty casual but even then I didn't have enough to wear. I always wear jeans with a top when I need to go to construction sites. But I don't have any handmade trousers (culottes don't count) and also not that many tops. Lucky for me the first two weeks where warm and I could wear my summer dresses. 

I like to make dresses! I also used to wear them a lot, but now I walk to work and I have not found any comfortable shoes that look good with a dress. If anyone knows some pretty but comfortable shoes please let me know! 

Anyway here are a few of my crappy outfit pictures :) I like those culottes.