Monday, 13 June 2016

Me-Made-May the roundup

I know we are halfway in to June (I have no time because of exams) but here s my roundup of Me-Made-May. Me-Made-May was even more difficult this year. I was expecting it to go easier this year because I have more handmade clothes. I still wear most of the clothes that I made a few years ago, so it adds up. What I didn't count on this year is that I started working. And I have nothing to wear to work. The dress code at the office is pretty casual but even then I didn't have enough to wear. I always wear jeans with a top when I need to go to construction sites. But I don't have any handmade trousers (culottes don't count) and also not that many tops. Lucky for me the first two weeks where warm and I could wear my summer dresses. 

I like to make dresses! I also used to wear them a lot, but now I walk to work and I have not found any comfortable shoes that look good with a dress. If anyone knows some pretty but comfortable shoes please let me know! 

Anyway here are a few of my crappy outfit pictures :) I like those culottes.


  1. Looks like you hade a great Me Made May tho! I like your culottes.
    But I had exactly the same problem when I started working. The Scout Tee saved my life, I'm wearing it most of the days, paired with jeans. Summer is good for woven Hudson pants but I'm planing on pushing the trousers game this year. Need some propper ones too. ;) And shoe wise, well, that's indeed a bit difficult, especially if you need to go to the construction site. For me it's most often the same pair of ballerinas.
    Good luck wirh your remaining finals. :)

    1. Thank you! I already made some sewing plans for summer, Sutton blouse form true bias and some other tops from La Maison Victor. And I'm trying to find the pattern for the linnen trousers that my grandmother used to make me. I'm going to work on those separates! I get blisters of all my ballerinas,