Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Little Black dress, the Lora

Remember that I liked the last La Maison Victor that much? Well here is my second make from the September/October issue, the Lora dress.

It is what they call the ultimate modern dress, with a perfect fit and nice details. And for me it is exactly that. It even has pockets!!! 

I made the dress in a size 36 graded out to a 38 in the hips. And again it fits perfectly without any major adjustments. I don't get their sizing, tops in a size 36 are always to big and dresses are spot on. I think I'm going to make a 34 in tops from now on. Even if that means that I have to retrace all my favourite patterns.

During summer I go all out with bright colours an prints. but during winter to be honest I mostly wear black. With a bit of navy, gray and a red jumper every once in a while. So most of my winter makes are going to be a lot darker and more neutral colours.

Starting with this little black dress. The version in the magazine is made up of a black textured fabric with a bit of stretch (polyester, viscose and lycra blend) . I however never buy the suggested fabrics so I used a gorgeous black cotton and wool blend. It has a similar texture as the dress on the model but no stretch. I prefer the natural fabrics and even through that it is a wool blend it is super soft. No scratchy or itchy feeling at all.

The only downside is that because they count on the stretch of there fabric that they have not included a kick pleat in the back hem and I could have used one. It is still al right if I walk at a normal pace but if I want to run to catch the metro I notice that the skirt is to narrow. That is the only thing I would change if I will make the dress again, to add a kick pleat to the back seam. And as you can see in the previous photo the the pleats at the waist make it look like I have a bit of a tummy even through I I don't. probably because the fabric is a bit ticker.

I have a feeling that this lora dress is going to become my go to pattern for winter dresses, just like my june dress for the summer. It is not as perfect as that dress but I have a feeling that it might be with a few adjustments in the next version.