Monday, 5 October 2015

sleeveless Alice shirt

Okay the last thing I made during summer it is the Alice pattern from the July- August La Maison Victor magazine. I made this early in September, a bit to late. To cold to wear it.

The fabric is a mystery fabric, no idea what it is made of, I'm guessing it is some kind of polyester blend. Anyway I love the print but I hate the fabric, it is soft but it wrinkles so fast! Half and hour of wear and it is a wrinkled mess. I chose to make size 36 based on my measurements. But I think it would be better in a size smaller, it is a bit big under the arms.

I do love the buttons, they are from my grandmothers collection, and they go perfectly with the colours of the print. It is the first collared shirt that I have made and it went surprisingly well. Normally the explanation in the magazine is relatively basic. But the collar went fine. the instructions where split up in small portions and a bit more thorough with clear diagrams. So that was great!

Next project is also a sleeveless blouse but it is form the September - October issue so that makes it fall appropriate!

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