Sunday, 19 October 2014

Light blue plantain T-shirt

I also really wanted to try the dear and doe patterns, I like the bodice of the centaurée dress a lot. But it is fall not summer and I have a ton of summer dresses, I don’t need another one. When I was browsing the shop I saw the free Plantain pattern and I decided to make that first before buying a pattern. This way I could see if I understand the instructions and how there sizing is. The instructions where easy to follow. The only downside is how much paper you need to print it.

Long sleeved T-shirts are a staple in my autumn/winter wardrobe. I like to wear them with big knitted cardigans. So the plantain T-shirt is really my style. I made a size 38 and it fits perfect. The bottom is a bit wider and that makes it a really flattering fit. I also like that the neckline nice and open that way I can wear it under a sweater for extra warmth.  I didn’t add the elbow patches because I didn’t have any fabric that would go well with the T-shirt.

Sadly when I was finishing the sleeves and the bottom with a twin needle my sewing machine acted weird.  At some points it would not feed the fabric trough and it would continue to stitch at the same place. I don’t know why I tried to adjust everything the tension on the threats, the stitch length,… but it continued to do that. It made a few small holes in the fabric. You don’t notice them much because I stitched over them but I know they are there. So this one is going to be a T-shirt to wear under a sweater.

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