Monday, 29 February 2016

Bea dress in black and white wool

Because I like to wear my harlequin dress so much I realised that I needed more casual dresses. I didn't want to use the same pattern again. For once I did buy enough fabric so I needed to take advantage of that. The fabric comes form the fabric sales in Rotselaar. You still can buy it online here. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous, so soft and warm and not itchy at all. I find most wool fabrics much to itchy to wear on my skin but this one is just fine. 

I made the bea dress form La maison victor, it is a casual fit designed to be made up in wool. For once I did as I was told. Only I was supposed to line the dress and I didn't. The wool was just so soft that I didn't feel like doing that. It is supposed to be a casual dress anyway. It was described as casual and oversized. I'm always a bit weary when I see the word oversized, I like the style but I often feel that they are way to big form my figure. I started by making the size 34 instead of my usual size 36. I also lengthened the dress with 8 cm. I had the feeling that the dress would be rather short on me, I'm 1m70. Those 8cm are just right for me. 
I love that the side seam of the dress is not at the side but slightly more to the front of the dress. And it has pockets, also a bonus in a casual dress. They are set in the side seams but because they are more to the front of the dress, they are very practical. I also like the wide sleeves. It does make the dress look a bit more shapeless. The look of the dress really relies on your posture, just look at the difference between the first and second foto. 

But because I didn't line the dress it does stick to my tights, and doesn't slide over my bum. Lesson learned I guess the lining must have been there for a reason. I'm going to solve this problem by making a slip dress to wear underneath. I have seen so many lovely vintage slips on pinterest. I guess they are just one of those things that we don't wear any more these days. 


  1. I like the shape, not to big if you ask me. And what a lovely fabric! I would love a wool garment in my wardrobe too but I always struggle with the price and the hand washing thing... Seems like a no go for me although the look of your dress makes me reconsider. ;)

    1. Thank you! The fabric suits the shape of the dress well and te price of the fabric was good I paid 20€/m for it at the fabric sales event. Great considering the quality. I don't wash my wool clothes by hand, just in the machine on a wool program and then lay it flat to dry. I never had any problems with that.