Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dusty top

The second piece in my spring sewing spree! You might have seen it already in my previous post about the Milly culotte. I was not planning on writing a separate post, but I like it so much that it deserves  its own post. It is the dusty top by La Maison Victor. I love the asymmetric design with all the pleats at the shoulder.

I already made this pattern once, this one. The fabric was a bit to thick and the neckline to low. So I made alterations. Razed the neckline with 3 cm It was not as easy to do that because the pattern is not cut on the fold. Because of the pleats at the one shoulder the pattern is not symmetric. After a few tries to get it even I folded the facing pattern and drew a new higher neckline on the facing pattern. Once I got the new facing piece I used that to altered the front pattern piece. I also narrowed the waist a little bit, I lost some weight recently and I didn't want it to be to loose. The pleats on the shoulder make it full on the top and I wanted to balance it out a bit. 

I guess the fabric is a polyester blend of some sort. The right side is a shiny very smooth, the wrong side is mat and coarser but nice to wear. 

This top is rapidly becoming one of my most worn handmade items. The colour goes with nearly everything I own. I never know what to wear during spring. It is often to cold to wear a skirt without tights and I'm to stubborn to wear them in spring.  So it is lovely to have a new top to wear with my trousers. 

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