Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The quest for the perfect top: Sutton blouse

I forgot to post this a few weeks ago but this is part two of the quest for the perfect summer blouse. I liked the V-neck and the sleeves of the Donna blouse. But I didn't like the curved hem and the low neckline. So I tried to find a pattern that had a V-neck and a lose shape. So I 'bought' the Sutton Blouse pattern from true bias. 

Again I tried the pattern first in a cheap viscose fabric to try the fit. I made a size 4 and because it is such a loose chape the blouse fits great without any adjustments. I also loved the instructions and the way the blouse is finished. The blouse is almost as nice on the inside than on the outside. Even my grandmother was impressed with the finish of the blouse and how well it is explained in the instructions. She doesn't understand English but I showed her the drawings and she was impressed. She is probably going to make one herself next summer.

So what to do when you have found your perfect pattern? You make one in silk. The one is in a nice silk is perfect to wear with my new culottes.  

Now I'm desperately looking for an equally perfect pattern for a long sleeved blouse. If you know a great long sleeved blouse pattern let me know. 

The details:
Pattern: Sutton Blouse true bias (free with a giftcard from indie sew)
Fabric: €6 for the viscose fabric, the stoffenspecktakel and €20 for the silk, den boom


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