Thursday, 22 December 2016

Charlie skirt

Remember the bordeaux Pam blouse from earlier this year? That one was actually supposed to be part of an outfit. My aunt bought these two matching fabrics for me and my cousin. Of course it took me a year to start on the skirt. 
I couldn't decide what pattern to use, but eventually I settled for the charlie skirt from La Maison Victor. It is a nice A-line skirt with a pleat in the front and welt pockets. I made a size 38, I made the pleat a little bit deeper than what the patten called for. The fabric is a lovely wool from the fabric sales, but it is a thicker than most fabrics and I wanted to make sure the pleat stayed flat. 
I lined the skirt with a dark grey venezia lining. I just attached the lining to the facing that I made out of wool and I eliminated the pleat in the lining. Because of the thickness of the wool fabric I made the pocket out of lining fabric. The downside is that you can see the grey lining if the pocket gapes open. It would have been nicer if the lining was the same colour but they didn't have that in my local shop. All things considered I love the skirt. I like the way the skirt fits, A-line skirts are always flattering on my figure. The colour also goes great with the majority of my clothes. 

pattern: Charlie skirt, La Maison Victor
Fabric: the fabric sales, free
lining: venezia lining, local shop, 8€
zip: 2.65€

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