Sunday, 7 September 2014

Bright pink Summer dress

This must be my favourite summer dress from this summer. The pattern is from knipmode in April 2013 I think, (Knipmode is a Dutch sewing magazine). I made a size 36 without any alterations and it fits like a glove! Well I did change one thing according to the instructions the lining of the dress is the exact same as the outside. But to save some fabric I didn’t make a pleated skirt but a A-line one for the lining. The fabric is  a lovely pink tufted cotton voile that I bought in a local fabric store. The lining is a sheer cream cotton. I didn’t line it with pink because I wanted to make sure that the little dots on the fabric really stood out. 

If I’m going to make this dress again the only thing I would change is the length of the zipper. I used a 22cm long one and it is difficult to get it on and off. Part of the problem with that is probably that I made the dress that tight fitting.  

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