Sunday, 14 September 2014

Transparent dark blue knipmode dress

First of all the fabric, it is awesome! It’s a gorgeous dark blue cotton that has a pattern with opaque and sheer parts. The fabric is from a local outlet fabric shop and I love it. I love it that much that I’m keeping the leftover scraps in case I can use them for another project.  

The pattern is from knipmode magazine in april 2013. Is number 21, a short sleeved A-line dress with 3 horizontal strips in the waist and a wide neckline. The strips don't match up, oeps. I like the pattern but  I don’t love it in combination with the fabric. I’m thinking the fabric would look better in a dress without the 3 horizontal stripes in the waist. The fit of the dress could be better a specially around the sleeves. But I can’t figure out what is exactly wrong with it. I assume that’s what you get if you don’t make a muslin. :) 

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